Walking with Priestesses from deepest antiquity

I have wanted to document as much as this as possible so I can close the chapter and start exploring the new chapter.    Of course I am leaving names out of this but its been an experience and one I find worth sharing. There will be much more to say about part of this in the future but I want to tell this part of the story first since it feels like time to move on to the next stages of this investigation.

Sobekneferu-Re is a shadowy figure.   Living somewhen like 1806 BC she was King of Egypt just before the second intermediary period.  Dramatised in fiction in Bram Stoker’s Jewel of the Seven stars and with walk on parts in other places she seems to be very present still.  A 4000 year old ghost in unprecedented and I am a bit reluctant to tell all here even though there is a sense that she wants to come through and there are bits I am still working out.

It’s all Andrew Collins’s fault of course, and I say that in the nicest possible way and with the most respect.  Andy is a star.   It all begin in a meditation Andrew was leading in Avebury on one of the questing weekenders.    He took us all back to ancient Egypt and in my typical fashion I went off piste in the pathworking and started messing around in the labyrinth in Hawara.   Then She appeared before me.    She was flanked by two priestess but stood there every bit a king and touched my forehead in blessing before fading.   She was wearing purple robes, had green eyes and extruded presence and magic which left me physically shaking.

Over the next few weeks she manifested in my life in an array of synchronicities.   I discovered Jewel of the Seven Stars, Hammer Horrors epic take on the story in Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb, the connections with psychic questing and Kenneth Grant’s comments on her which I must have read before but had certainly forgotten.   So much came at once, but it was overwhelming.

My partner at the time commissioned the artist Stuart Littlejohn to paint her portrait, not as she was - she would have been a Nubian lady but as she appeared to me.   We tied in questing lore to the picture and there are hidden symbols and names there.   The original picture hangs on my wall and when I say a picture is chatty I am not joking.    Its like a rom-com with a painting some days and Sobekneferu has a personality.  She also likes whiskey and when I say that I am living in a house where a 4000 year old Egyptian lady walks around a bit pissed and chatty sometimes I am not exaggerating in the slightest.


The synchronicities kept coming of course.   The week Stuart had finished and I was able to collect the picture was also the week in which a priestess’s tomb from her fathers generation was discovered.   A lady who would have certainly have known her and probably taught her.

She has since walked around me and I have been able to sense her presence, most strongly around July and August.   She walks in dreams, appears in meditation and has given me recipes and techniques.  That is on going and fine.   I might share some of that at a future date but its all being tested still.   Her psychic vision oil is effective though.

So, after a time, I decided to start a secret facebook group for her.  Its only secret to keep the spam and memes out really.  Message me if you want in.   Over time we started doing meditations to her which involves going back to her era and letting her show us visions.   For me it worked very well and I have hundreds of pages of diary here.

The picture Stuart painted usually hangs in the lounge.   However when I was actively working with her I would take it to the bedroom and stand it on the chest of drawers against another painting.  It would sit there so it walks through and influences my dreams.  It worked rather well and is definitely quite active.  Of course that is subjective but I was getting results.

In time this evolved to the point where, seeking entry into an occult order, I proposed doing the path working for 9 months as my probation.  It started off interestingly to say the least.

I started off with the meditation.   However the first night was dramatic.   I was awakened from my dreaming at 4:45 am on the 2nd September with a crash.   The picture which Sobekneferu-Re leaned against had been ripped from the wall.   It wasn’t a fall, it had somehow levitated over the chest of drawers leaving that undesturbed and was face up.   Investigating it there was no logical way it could have ended up in the position it was and I wish I took a photo - at that time in the morning though one doesn’t think.

The next few weeks were plagued with poltergeist activity as strange things happens.   I live alone apart from being with 3 cats and whilst cats can affect the environment, not that much.  So finding ornaments under chairs, coasters on the floor in the morning and so on is not something we can attribute to the cats.

The last straw came on a day when I was working from home.  Something kicked the TV stand to the point where the TV was wobbling and I had to run, save the TV and dismantle it all to fix the leg.   Then that night the smoke alarm kept going off every twenty minutes with my needing to avoid a Darwin avoid, climb up and press the button to stop it.    On the final time I noticed that a heavy picture was about to fall - It had two clips one of which had loosened.  I took the picture down and into the spare room and there were no more alarms

I am a bit perplaxed by this.   I think it was something trying to get my attention and once it did that the poltergeist phenomena stopped.  I am glad it did, I am no stranger to phenomena but not in my house please.

At about this time I started making friends with an acquaintance who approached things from a spiritualist perspective.   That changed the game to an extent.   We established that Sobekneferu-re seemed to have been a ghost around me and was strongly trying to communicate.

I am still not sure how to unpick all that.  Of course its all very subjective but I could feel her and sense her and the sensations became almost physical on occasion.  Her presence was very strong and walking with me in dreams, meditation and so on.  It got to the point where she was asking for a bowl of blood - that’s when I stopped with a big nope.

The meditations and patchworkings she was showing me were very much aimed at reanimating her and bringing her back.  I am cutting out some details here but basically she was showing me her form with bowls at the chakra points and telling me what too breathe and say into each point to reanimate her.   That same theme which carried through with Bram Stoker and Graham Phillips was repeating and she wanted to come through.   I was getting a bit scared and changed my approach, its all written down though and maybe something I will try one day.

I started working with her on a more spiritualist fashion.  I was meditating, calling my guides for protection and calling her.  I could feel her presence get closer and her walking around me.  It was shivers up the spine on the warmest of evenings as she approached.   Again - realise that this is all subjective but experiential.  I was calling her and asking her questions on tape dictating my question and her answer and have many hours of documentation to transcribe.  Its all safe and backed up but mostly quite boring, but I stand with the prediction that her tomb is lost, she killed her son and there was lots of political malarky which ended the middle kingdom.   I stopped though since it was getting into too good a story - I cannot back any of it up and until we find out more it could just be a fantasy in my head.   So I am a bit stuck now.

This is not the end of the story though, a new figure is coming through from deeper antiquity who seems to be good mates with Sobekneferu-Re.  I am still unpicking and this next bit is tentative but I feel accurate.

I went to visit my friends a few months ago, a lovely magical couple.  One of them is a magical artist and as I entered the house he started doodling the following figure.   She had an effect on me at once, a totally familiarity as close as a brother or sister.  When his partner went to bed we channelled her a bit, got a name and some details but left it at that.  Then I asked my friend to draw a more detailed depiction of this later (won’t share her name yet but I have it)


A few days later a different friend contacted me and said that he felt I should have an espiritimos reading and see what spirits are in my court.   It was an interesting idea and I seem to be lead to a path with more spiritualism and Kardec’s work so I went for it.   As I had the reading one figure in my court stood out called Mother of Magicians.  I spoke to my artist friend the next day and that term was going through his head as he was drawing the new image,

She keeps coming through and is a new standing presence.  Very subjectively its like she is constantly chatting to Sobekneferu-Re and both are standing near by but just out of earshot.   I think there is a connection.  Sobekneferu-Re is not mother of magicians, but Kenneth Grant though that Sobekneferu-Re was a link in the chain bringing in magical knowledge from deeper antiquity.  I think Mother of Magicians is from deeper antiquity, possibly a personification of Egypt itself and trying to say something.  I have no idea what yet but I am putting this out there in case she is talking to others and we can work out what she wants to say.

So I have no idea what happens next. I am not a historian able to check these figures out. Give me a screwdriver and a wand and I am make things work regardless of tradition. But there are two very loud ladies in my head telling my stuff right now, stuff I cannot prove but its all very interesting as I work out how to validate it.