Magical techniques in Paranormal Investigation 

This section will detail some of the techniques that are useful in either developing psychic awareness or in psychic questing.  These are methods that have been safely developed as a part of western magic over the past five centuries and are tried and tested.  This is by no means an exhaustive list and a little thought and imagination is often all that is required in order to extend and create new tools.  Many psychics work in ways that are individual to them and different people will have different super-sensory strengths and weaknesses.  As such, each investigator will have their own favourite tools to use that will produce individual results.   We will be adding more magical techniques as this website develops.

As noted elsewhere this text will strongly draw upon the simpler techniques of western magic, and these will be the tools initially used in the questing group envisaged by the author.  The reason for starting in this way is that these are the techniques that the author is experienced in and familiar with.  However it is to be hoped that over time new techniques and tools will evolve and be introduced providing access to a greater store of knowledge for those seeking new methods and skills.  Despite myths suggesting that there is only one ancient lineage of magical knowledge, in reality techniques evolve all the time and traditional methods are not always the best ones, although they are often a good place to start.


The Magical Diary

 There is one discipline which everyone involved must follow when doing any magical or  psychic work, which is the keeping of a diary.  A new journal should be purchased and the commitment made to record every psychic event or dream that occurs.  It is often helpful to keep a personal promise that this will be kept private and that no one will be allowed to read it [1] as this seems to release any subconscious fears and brings faster results making available psychic information that had previously only been available to the sub-conscious.

 Over time this record of psychic work will become a chart of personal development and it is always worth reading a years diary, so at the end of that time one can see how much personal growth has taken place.  Be aware however that the psyche does produce a lot of clutter and that the information contained within the diary will often contain products of fantasy and imagination as well as genuine psychic material. 

 Another advantage of keeping a diary is that it will generally make one more receptive to psychic impressions simply by the process of maintaining it.  What happens is that in keeping a diary a message is being sent to the subconscious saying that awareness of this information is desired.

A final reason why it is important to keep a diary is that things do occasionally go wrong and often a complete record of what happened and when it happened is essential for the persons helping to fix the errors.



Techniques to encourage psychic awareness 

Here follows a non-exhaustive list of techniques that can be used to train psychic awareness and gather information using these abilities.

  • Meditation and Guided Visualisation

  • The Lesser Banishing ritual of the Pentagram

  • The Rose Cross Ritual

  • The Middle Pillar Exercise


Meditation and Guided visualisation

Meditation is one of the most fundamental and important techniques used with inner work.  By relaxing and focusing the mind towards looking inwards the meditator learns to attain an inner stillness through which the voice of the internal mind can express itself.  Meditation will also help bring out any latent psychic abilities the user might possess and it will be found that they will emerge under a greater conscious control.  Finally it will improve physical health by reducing stress and teaching the body to properly let-go and relax.

 There are many different meditation techniques.  However the two which are most specific to this work; seed meditation and silent meditation; are described below.

Seed meditation is where the meditator starts with a particular concept or idea such as a symbol, the meaning behind a symbol or the nature of a sacred site and then focuses entirely upon that idea.  Other thoughts and concepts related to the seed will begin to surface in the mind and these should be noted and then allowed to fade making space for new concepts and connections.  This meditation is most useful when working with information concerning a sacred site or in taking psychic information as the seed in an attempt to attain a greater insight into it.

Silent meditation is almost the opposite in that the meditator starts with a silent mind and notes the concepts that arise.  Again these should be recorded and then allowed to fade allowing the mind to pass to new ideas.  Do not attempt to hold on to the concepts as this will restrain the creativity of the subconscious and it will always be possibly to judge the results after the meditation.

To meditate using either technique it is first necessary is to start with a comfortable posture and then to physically relax.  The best position is sitting on a straight-backed chair with the hands resting on the lap and the feet resting on the floor.  Sitting cross legged on the floor is not recommended because this is not compatible with some of the energy-work exercises described later and lying down is to be avoided because it is all too easy to fall asleep.  Ensure that the phone is disconnected and that no disturbances are likely for the duration of the meditation.  Also ensure that the environment is warm and free from draughts as much as possible as this can prove distracting.

Once the correct position has been achieved, proceed to regulate the breathing in a slow controlled manner, breathing out to the count of four, holding the breath for two counts, breathing in to the count of four and holding the breathe for the count of two.  This is known as “four-fold” breathing and it is a foundation for all the exercises given below.  Whilst breathing in this way, the chest should hardly move and it is the abdomen which expands on the in-breathe and contracts on exhalation.

Meditation should be practiced every day ideally in the early morning or evening.  It is best to start with periods of ten minutes and then progress to periods of twenty to thirty minutes as the ability to concentrate improves.  It will be found that the body very quickly picks up the habit to breathe in this way and that it will automatically keep the rhythm after a time.

Once a person is able to hold a meditation for a reasonable period in complete relaxation it is possible to meditate using a guided meditation or pathworking.  Here a narrator [2] will read a description of what is happening in the inner world of the meditators mind for training or ritual purposes.  For example a guided meditation might be used on a hilltop to open a mental doorway to the elemental world, the intent being to initiate contact with the faerie realm.  Another possibility would be on a sacred site in order to encounter the guardian and ask permission to enter.

Whilst meditation, as described above, is quite safe and can be practiced up to several times a day there are some considerations that should be taken.  In some cases meditators that might have natural mediumistic abilities can sink too deeply into trance and not awaken.  For this reason it is suggested that meditators have someone around for their first attempts in order to awaken them should they not naturally emerge.  Also it is important to be aware if anyone has a heart condition and to (at the very least) ensure that a qualified expert properly supervises him or her.  This becomes even more important should breathing exercises be used in conjunction with this.

A second consideration is obviously do not meditate when driving or in conditions where awareness of the surroundings is necessary such as whilst walking down a street or operating machinery.  The whole idea is to use meditation to turn to the inner world, not to mix the two worlds and risk an accident.

One final point to remember is to never disturb people who are in meditation or in trance because the shock of bringing them back into the outer reality can be quite unpleasant and psychically painful.  It is for this reason that one should do such things as disconnect the phone and request not being disturbed in order to prevent interruptions.  If it should be necessary to break this rule, perhaps because they have not awoken naturally, or there is an emergency such as a fire start by speaking to them slowly and calmly and talk them back into wakefulness.  Make this as slow and gentle as possible in order to avoid startling them.


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)

 The ritual was developed from older sources and popularised by the Golden Dawn and is one of the best methods of protection[3].  The effects are not long lasting; traditionally only until the next dawn; but when the barriers are up there is very little that can penetrate this wall.  The ritual draws upon Judaic/Christian symbolism using the various names of God and the Archangels of the cardinal directions; Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel, requesting their protection in clearing the space at hand.

 The LBRP ritual itself begins and ends with a small ritual called the Qabalistic Cross.  This again draws from the same cultural symbolism and essentially identifies the magician with the archetype Adam Kadmon – The first human [4].  It transcends the expression of self to the whole cosmos and effectively allows the identification of the magician as the image of God eternal.

It is always a good idea to begin and end any working with a small ritual and the Qabalistic Cross is an excellent one to use because it is quick and easy to learn.  The words of power used are in Hebrew and translate to be the more familiar “To thee, the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.  Amen” as used by early Christians in their ritual invocations and still survives in slightly altered form to this day as a part of the Lords Prayer.  As such it should not offend those of a more religious persuasion.

 The Qabalistic Cross
Stand still facing east with arms at side and eyes closed.  Pause for a few moments and breathe slowly and easily using the four-fold breathing method.  In your imagination see and feel your body expanding so that the world below becomes a small sphere about the size of a football, upon which you are standing.  Observe the whole cosmos whirling around yourself, feeling the movement of the stars and galaxies.
Reach up and from a point infinitely far above your head see a beam of light descend.  Touch this beam as it comes down and guide it to the crown of your head.  Vibrate[5] the word “Ateh” (ah-teh) and imagine the beam of light coalescing into a sphere of radiant white light above your head.  Think of this light as being full of energy and power.
Place your hand on the solar plexus and imagine a beam of light descending from the Crown sphere to coalesce about your feet.  Imagine the shaft of light going through your body down the spine and that it is carrying some of the power down.  As you do this, vibrate the word “Malkuth” (Mal-koot)
Touch your right shoulder and imagine a third sphere of light just past your right shoulder and vibrate the word “Ve Geburah” (Ve Geh-ver[6]-rah).  Bring your hand across to touch your left shoulder, bringing the light with you and imagine a final ball of light coalescing just beyond your left shoulder.  Vibrate the word “Ve Gedulah” (Ve Ged-doo-lah).
Finally bring your hands together on the centre of your chest with your left hand covering the right hand.  Imagine a blue flame in the centre of your hands.  Vibrate “Le Olahim, Amen” (Le Oh-lam Ah-men). 
This completes the ritual.


As noted above, the Qabalistic Cross is used to start and end the Pentagram ritual.  However if another ritual is being used straight after the pentagram ritual then the final Qabalistic Cross can be omitted from the pentagram ritual.

At the heart of the LBRP are the visualised pentagrams that should be imagined as strongly as possible in a glowing electric blue light.  Imagine it as full of power such as might be contained in an electric fence to keep things out.  Pentagrams with a single upwards point are used because this represents the unity of God over matter and duality which corresponds to the invoking of divine and archangelic protection over the area in which the banishment is to take place.

How the pentagram is drawn is quite important because magicians have evolved a whole set of invoking and banishing patterns which can be substituted within the ritual template.  The type used here is a single pentagram form called the earth banishing pentagram.  Elemental earth has always been seen as being highly absorbing to stray energies hence its use here.  It is drawn as follows:


 The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Perform the Qabalistic Cross
Remain facing East, step forward and with the first two fingers of your right hand trace a large pentagram in the air in front of you as described above.  Visualise this as strongly as possible.  Once you have drawn it, point to the centre of the pentagram and vibrate “Jehovah” (Yeh-heh-vah).
Keep your arm extended and trace a quarter circle from the centre of the East pentagram to the South.  Imagine the arc flaming with the same blue light as the pentagram.  Draw the same type of pentagram in the South and on pointing to the centre vibrate the name “Adonai” (Ah-doh-nye).
Repeat the process by extending the arc to the West and drawing another pentagram.  Vibrate the name “Eheieh” (Eh-heh-yeh).  Repeat again moving round to the North.  Here vibrate the name “Agalah” (Ah-gah-lah).  Finally extend the arc of light so that it joins with the centre of the first pentagram drawn in the East.  You should now be surrounded by four pentagrams at the compass points and a circle of light joining them so that you are completely enclosed.  Visualise this as strongly as possible.
Still facing East, visualise the Archangel Raphael in front of you.  He is wearing robes of yellow and violet and carries a staff or caduceus.  Imagine the force of Elemental Air behind him and vibrate “Before me Raphael” (Ra-fa-el) when you have the visualisation as clear as you can.
Visualise the Archangel Gabriel behind you.  She is wearing robes of Blue and Orange and is holding a blue chalice.  Feel the force of elemental water behind her as you vibrate “Behind me Gabriel” (Gav-ray-el).  Again make sure the visualisations are as clear as possible.
Visualise the Archangel Michael to your right.  He is wearing robes of Red and Green and is holding a flaming steel sword.  Feel the force of elemental fire behind him and vibrate “To my right hand Michael” (Mee-kay-el)
Visualise the Archangel Uriel to your left hand side.  She is wearing robes of green and brown and is holding a disk with an up pointed pentagram.  Feel the solidity of elemental earth behind her and vibrate “To my left hand Uriel” (Orr-ee-el).
Finally say, “About me flame the pentagrams and within me shines the six rayed star”.  As you say this imagine a hexagram forming in the centre of your chest, which extends to be quite large and passes beyond the physical body.  The up pointing triangle is red and the down pointing triangle is electric-blue.
Repeat the Qabalistic Cross

Magicians of the Golden Dawn were taught to perform this ritual every day and over time it does build up as a very effective form of banishing that can be practiced anywhere and anytime.  However it does need to be regularly practiced for its effect to be felt and of course investigators should learn to do this properly before they find themselves needing to do this.


 The Rose Cross Ritual (RC) 

The Rose Cross ritual, used by the Golden Dawn is less popular than the LBRP perhaps because it is of less general purpose.  However it is equally effective as a cleaning ritual which invokes the powers of healing, divine love and protection into the space where it is worked.  It is good to perform the RC after the LBRP in that it replaces the energies banished with other energies giving the place a nicer, more wholesome feel.

This ritual also has the added benefit of clearing away stray astral forces.  When many magicians first start performing the LBRP and Middle Pillar (see below) rituals daily they often experience encountering stray thought forms, particularly in the small hours of the night after waking.  This is harmless although it can be a nuisance and can be frightening to the uninformed who is unaware of this.  This ritual tends to clear away these beings and cloaks the magician in a kind of invisibility that keeps them away.  It will also (over time) clear things that have latched on to the aura such as astral larvae[7] and ghosts that are not too firmly attached, although there is a technique described below that will deal with more persistent entities from the aura.

The ritual involves the tracing of the Rose Cross symbol in space.  Sources say that this should be done with a stick of frankincense however this is not necessary and it is more important to keep the visualisations as strong as possible and vibrate the names as clearly as possible.  In magic, intention is far more effective than any prop, although such do help to create the necessary atmosphere conductive to successful magic.

To perform the ritual you will need to know some of the signs that were developed by the Golden Dawn to physically enact the concepts described here.  These are the Sign of Osiris slain, the Sign of Osiris arisen, the Sign of the mourning of Isis and the Sign of Apophis and Typhon.

To make the Sign of Osiris Slain, stand with the feet together, the head bowed and the arms outstretched.  To make the Sign of Osiris arisen, stand with the feet together, the head bowed and the arms crossed over the chest to make an X shape.  The sign of the Mourning of Isis is performed by keeping the feet together and the head bowed.  The right hand should be pointing up and the left hand pointing across and slightly down, making an L shape.  Finally to make the Sign of Apophis and Typhon look forwards and upraise both arms to make a V shape.

The Rose Cross Ritual
Stand facing east and perform the Qabalistic Cross
Move to the southeast of the room and either with your fingers or the incense stick trace the Rose Cross (RC) symbol in the air before you.  Visualise it as being drawn in a incandescent golden light.


Visualise a rose in the centre, pointing to it with your fingers or the incense and vibrate Yeheshua (Yeh-heh-shu-ah).
Keeping your fingers extended trace an arc of golden light around so that you are now facing southwest.  Repeat the tracing of the RC symbol and the vibration of the divine name.
Repeat the process, taking the visualisation next to the northwest, then to the northeast before finally bring the line of light back to the first figure in the southeast.
Keeping you fingers extended trace the arc above your head.  Repeat the tracing of the figure and the vibration of the divine name.  Bring the arc of light around to the northwest and acknowledge the image drawn there previously.  Continue with the arc and bring it down so that it is pointing to the floor beneath you.  Draw the figure again and vibrate the name before returning to the southeast.
Keeping the fingers extended rotate clockwise so that you are pointing to the southwest and acknowledge the image drawn previously.  Draw an arc of light from this figure to point to the image above you and continue the arc round touching the northeast, the ground and back to the southwest, at each point acknowledging and visualising the image drawn there previously.  Finally keeping the fingers extended trace the circle of light round to the southeast passing through and acknowledging the northwest and northeast Crosses.
You have now surrounded yourself on all six sides with six Rose Crosses, which are joined by a network of golden white lines.  Still pointing southeast redraw the image and vibrate Yeheshua (Yeh-heh-shu-ah) Yehovahah (Yeh-ho-vah-hah).
Return to the Centre and facing East carry out the formula of INRI as below
Say aloud.
“I, N, R, I – Yod, Nun, Resh, Yod
Virgo Isis, Mighty Mother, Scorpio Apophis, the destroyer, Sol Osiris Slain and Risen
Isis, Apophis, Osiris IAO (eee-aaa-ooh)”.  Vibrate the formulae of IAO as forcibly as possible imagining the sounds filling the space you are in.
Then say
“The sign of Osiris slain” (Make the sign of Osiris slain)
“The sign of the morning of Isis” (Make the sign)
“The sign of Apophis and Typhon” (Make the sign)
“The Sign of Osiris Arisen” (Make the sign)
Repeat the signs of Isis, Apophis and Osiris Arisen saying “L. U. X. LUX” as you do.
Finally outstretch both arms upwards and say, “Let the divine light descend”.  As you do this imagine the room flooding with white light that you must see as the embodiment of the light of creation.  Hold this image for as long as possible.

Please note that neither the LBRP nor the RC ritual should be used in any attempts to exorcise anything.  That is a far more specialised skill that is beyond the scope of this website


The Middle Pillar exercise

 Once the above techniques of meditating and banishing have been practiced for several months it becomes time to introduce some energy work into the proceedings so that the energy centres become awakened and aligned.  This exercise works by a slow and systematic opening of these centres and the empowerment of the aura with energy.  It will begin to have an effect on the outer and inner levels of the body, strengthening the aura, making the individual less prone to psychic attack, improving health and slowly ridding the body of addictions and afflictions.  It will also start to open up a psychic awareness in a very definite and controlled way.  The exercise should be used before doing any psychic work in order to internally become as active and sensitive as possible prior to the actual work.

 The Middle Pillar (MP) exercise was introduced by the Golden Dawn around the 1880s.  It is given here in its brief form however is treated in a far greater depth by Israel Regardie in “The Middle Pillar" [8] and “The Art of True Healing" [9] both of which are highly recommended.  Regardie’s version of the exercises are a little different to the original Golden Dawn method in that he focuses the energy of all five of the energy centres, however the original Golden Dawn teaching pulled the energy through the heart centre emphasising the virtues associated with this chakra; love, healing and protection.  Either technique can be used, however it is best to stick to one technique rather than mix and match.  Regardie’s technique will be used here, with modifications by WE Butler[10] that adds an efficient method of circulating the energy.  In the future we will be adding a number of variations on the Middle Pillar not currently in the public domain which allows the person performing the ritual to tune specifically to natural energies and entities.

After opening and using the energy centres in this way it is very important to shut down afterwards in order to prevent any inner awareness spilling into the physical world.  Instructions to do this are detailed in the psychic hygiene section elsewhere on this website.

The Middle Pillar
Perform the LBRP
Stand facing East with legs slightly apart and arms at your side.  Relax the body as much as possible without slumping.  Begin the four-fold breathing.  Visualise a ball of incandescent white light above the crown of your head.  Make it about the size of a football and imagine it as radiating with energy.  This is your crown centre.  Vibrate the name Eheieh (eh-heh-yeh) four times with the vibration of the name being on the exhalation.  Try to feel the sphere vibrate as you do this.  With each vibration imagine that more power and energy is pouring into the sphere from a limitless sea of energy around you.
With the next inhalation bring a stream of light down from the Crown centre into a new sphere of light at the throat centre.  This sphere is coloured grey and is again the size of a football.  Vibrate the name Jehovah Elohim (Jeh-heh-hoh-vah El-oh-heem) four times as you imagine it filling with energy that is descending from the crown centre.  Again feel the sphere vibrate as you do this and know that you have a limitless supply of energy to draw from.
Bring the line of light further down until it reaches your chest where it meets the heart centre.  Here visualise a golden ball of light and vibrate the name Jehovah Aloah ve Daath (yeh-ho-vah al-oh-a ve–da-at).  Do this a total of four times and feel the energy and vibration as you do.
Bring the light lower until it reaches your genitals.  Imagine the light forming a sphere of violet and vibrate the name Shaddai El Shay (Shad-die el-kie).  Do this four times.
Finally bring the light down to just below your feet where it forms a final football sized sphere that is coloured black and green.  Vibrate the name Adonai Aretz (Ah-don-aye Arr-arr-ets).  Do this four times as before.
Starting at the top of the pillar re-visualise each sphere as before, vibrating the divine name as given above.  This will re-establish the pattern in your mind and make you ready for the next step.
Keeping to the four-fold breathing pattern, on each exhalation image a flood of white light descending from the Crown centre down the left side of the body to collect at the feet.  Then on each inhalation imagine the light move up the right side of the body and return to the Crown.  Repeat this ten times and then change the visualisation so that on exhalation the light descends down the front of the body and on inhalation rises up the back.  Again do this ten times.  What you are doing here is clearing and energising the aura and it is helpful to keep this in mind while you are visualising, to help reinforce the work.
Remaining with the same breathing pattern on each exhalation imagine a flow of white light descending down the entire outside of the body and collecting at the feet and then on the in-breath imagine this rising up the spine of the body.   Keep in mind the idea that this is to circulate the energies called forth to enhance the effect.
Finally imagine a bandage of white light wrapping the body in a clockwise direction from the feet up so that the body is completely encased in the style of an Egyptian mummy.
Perform the Qabalistic Cross

Once the full pattern has been built in the aura it should be practiced every day before the daily meditation.  After three months of full practice it can be practiced twice daily.  Do not do this for several hours before going to bed as it leaves the energy body charged up and will prevent an easy sleep.  It is the psychic equivalent to a strong coffee.



1. Although it is permissible to produce extracts of it if the information has relevance to the psychic quest being followed

2. These can be recorded on cassette of course.  With practice it is possible to do these solo whilst reading the meditation in a book.

3. Please see comments on banishing in the psychic hygiene section below

4. More technically it takes Adam Kadmon as the first magician.

5. When asked to vibrate a word, say it with a hum so that its resonance is felt in the place where the visualisation is taking place, in this case the top of the head.

6. This is not a typo.  In Hebrew “B” is pronounced as V.  IE Gabriel is pronounced as Gavriel.

7. These can be thought of as astral parasites that latch on to the aura and drain the person of vitality.  They are quite easy to banish however with the given techniques.

8. Regardie, Israel.  The Middle Pillar (Llewellyn's High Magick Series).  Llewellyn.  1938, 1970

9. Regardie, Israel, The Art of True Healing: The Unlimited Power of Prayer and Visualization.  New World Library.  1932, 1997

10. Butler, WE.  Magic and the Magician: Training and Work in Ritual Power and Purpose.  Aquarian.  1970, 1975, 199